Arctic Boost - CS:GO with 4500 hours for 10$

CS:GO with 4500 hours

Fair Pricing , Quick Delivery - Success!


CS:GO with 4500 hours.Good K/D and winrate. Non-prime version of CS:GO.Clear FACEIT & ESEA

After your purchase you will receive

  • Steam account credentials
  • Faceit/Esea account credentials
  • Email linked to both accounts, allowing you to instantly change emails & passwords.*

All accounts listed are available for instant purchase & delivery.
They are also legit accounts boosted by skilled 3K+ Elo boosters. No hacks, 100% guarantee. After your payment is successfull, you will be redirected to the checkout page : just click the link to get all the credentials.

*The accounts have disabled steam guard, you can instantly switch emails and add your phone. For maximum security, be sure to add steam guard after changing all the credentials.

If you want more information you are more than welcome to contact us on Livechat\Skype\Discord